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Welcome to my history blog and website; thank you for visiting! The purpose of this website is to provide tutoring services for students, historical consulting, produce research articles, and share book reviews on historical subjects. History Here and Now is committed to providing comprehensive research and educational resources for everyone who wants to learn more about history.  H.H.N. is for students, teachers, genealogists, veterans, and all kinds of history enthusiasts.

For the past several years, I’ve made it my mission to provide the best research support for anyone looking into their personal history, studying different historical subjects, and how to apply those lessons to everyday life. The value of historical study extends beyond just the knowledge we gain from reading a book, visiting a museum, or watching a documentary. It can be found in what we take from those scholastic pursuits and how we can improve our lives and communities. It makes history all the more fun and exciting to learn!

The Flight Line for the World’s First Flight, The Wright Brothers National Memorial, Kill Devil Hill, NC (December 2019)

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